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This Wiki is meant to discuss everything about Live Bait Productions, whether it's Gaither's Pond, Wobots, as long as it's related to Live Bait Productions, you can add it to the wiki!

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Nothing fake, except for my list of fake names for the unnamed orphans in Wobots.

It has to be related Live Bait Productions, so if you don't know what is related to this company, go to the company's website.

NO ABUSE, FLAME WARS, OR ANYTHING RUDE IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THESE PAGES! I understand if you don't like this company, but you can still contribute to this wiki.

Also, if you have any questions, ask me or any other admin on this wiki.

No, I don't work at this company, so I'll try to answer your questions with as much research and intelligence that I have.

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