Gaither's Pond: The Great Divide is the third Gaither's Pond episode and one of the first 5 videos by Live Bait Productions.

Plot Edit

Tempted by three industrious beavers, Carp Lowry convinces the Wave Makers and the Pond Preservation Society-the pond's two chief factions-that the "no dam building" ordinance is archaic. When the sticks start to fly, Gaither's Pond is divided into several splinter groups. But pond harmony is restored when Carp confesses and the Friends of the pond determine to tear down the barriers that divide them.

Characters Edit

Carp Lowry

Big Bass Bill

Jessy Frogman

Bullfrog Younce

Gloria Gladiola

David Perch

Guppie Penrod

Swannette Paschal

Ben Speerfish

The Beavers

Russ Blow Taff

The Martins

Ernie Frogboy

Jeff Easter Bunny

Ponder Frog (Called Froggy Ponder in this video)

Sykes Mantis (Called Michael Mantis in this video)

Wright Grasshopper (Called Woody Wrighthopper in this video)

Vestal Gooseman (Kinda)

Howard Gooseman (Kinda)

Snappy Jake (Kinda)

Buddy Greenfly

Slick the Mail Snail

Flea Narrator

(Kinda) Means that the character appears in the video, but has 0% dialogue.

Gaither's Pond The Great Divide

Gaither's Pond The Great Divide