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Gaither's Pond: Fishtales is the second Gaither's Pond episode and one of the first 5 videos by Live Bait Productions.


When Carp Lowry starts (ok not actually starts, he did it before that point) writing false information in his newsletter, it starts making waves down at Gaither's Pond. But Carp learns a valuable lesson when he realizes that rumors require retractions-and apologies-where people are concerned.


Carp Lowry

Vestal Gooseman

Buddy Greenfly

Gloria Gladiola

Big Bass Bill

Jessy Frogman

Guppie Penrod

David Perch

Howard Gooseman

Candy Christmas Lights

Swannette Paschal

Snappy Jake

Ben Speerfish

Lulu Ladybug

Bullfrog Younce

Ponder Frog

Sykes Mantis

Wright Grasshopper

Dennis Rodfrog

Manutory Frog


Gaither's Pond Fishtales