Gaither's Pond is a Christian computer animated children's series created by Benjy, Bill, and Gloria Gaither and produced by Live Bait Productions.

Plot Edit

Gaither's Pond is set at Gaither's Pond. All of the characters include animals and insects that live around ponds named after their voice actor. The fish and their friends learn life lessons throughout the series.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

  • Carp Lowry (voiced by: Mark Lowry): Carp Lowry is a yellow fish who often gets into trouble including making up stories for the pond's newspaper. He is usually the main character of the episodes. Carp also is pretty childish which leads him into even more trouble.
  • Big Bass Bill (voiced by: Bill Gaither): Big Bass Bill is the mayor of Gaither's Pond. Bill is very wise and is always talked to when someone needs to talk to or is going through a hard time.
  • Vestal Gooseman (voiced by: Vestal Goodman): Vestal Gooseman is a white goose with black hair on the top of her head. She is another well-respected wise inhabitant of Gaither's Pond. Vestal is happy all the time and sings with her family.
  • Bullfrog Younce (voiced by: George Younce): Bullfrog Younce is a wise frog who wears black rubber wading boots. Bullfrog is also another well-respected inhabitant of Gaither's Pond.

Minor characters Edit

Gloria Gladiola (voiced by: Gloria Gaither)

Guppie Penrod (voiced by: Guy Penrod, Benjy Gaither (laughing part in the first episode))

Swannette Paschal (voiced by: Janet Paschal)

The Beavers (voiced by: Marshall Hall, Benjy Gaither, and Aaron Wilburn)

Taylor Salamason (voiced by: Taylor Mason)

The Cornfield 4 (voiced by: Harold Carrethers, John Battle, Rufus Carrethers, J. D. Sumner)

The Martins (voiced by: Joyce Martin-SandersJudy Martin-Hess, Jonathan Martin)

Jessy Frogman (voiced by: Jesse Dixon)

Lynda Dragonfly (voiced by: Lynda Randle)

Anthony Turtle (voiced by: Anthony Burger)

Howard Gooseman (voiced by: Howard Goodman)

Snappy Jake (voiced by: Jake Hess)

Buddy Greenfly (voiced by: Buddy Greene)

Ben Speerfish (voiced by: Ben Speer)

Lulu Ladybug (voiced by: Lulu Roman)

Candy Christmas Lights (voiced by: Candy Christmas)

David Perch (voiced by: David Phelps)

Ponder Frog (voiced by: David Ponder)

Sykes Mantis (voiced by: Michael Sykes)

Wright Grasshopper (voiced by: Woody Wright)

Dennis Rodfrog (voiced by: Marshall Hall)

Manutory Frog (voiced by: George Hairr)

Ernie Frogboy (voiced by: Ernie Haase)

Russ Blow Taff (voiced by: Russ Taff)

Jeff Easter Bunny (voiced by: Jeff Easter)

Sheri Easter Bunny (voiced by: Sheri Easter)

Slick the Mail Snail from The Great Divide (voiced by: Benjy Gaither)

Flea Narrator from The Great Divide (voiced by: Marshall Hall)

Episodes Edit

The Lure Depths (1997)

Fishtales (1999)

The Great Divide (2001)

The Legend at Gaither's Pond (2003)