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Dorbees: Making Decisions is a computer-animated film produced by Live Bait Productions and released direct-to-video on both DVD and VHS.


The plot follows a race called Dorbees, tiny little balls that can only be seen through the lens of the most powerful microscope. Dorbees face many of the same problems as humans, such as buying appropriate clothes and listening to your parents. Jack and Mary-Jane Dorbee skip school and escape the post-columbine lockdown mechanisms their school has put into place and investigate a scary, old house, in an attempt to be seen as "grown-up". Meanwhile, Dig, a local, wealthy businessman stuck in the '70s, is visited by a Swedish immigrant named Otto who is attempting to find "clothes to fit in with the common folk" and Dig has to decide between making money by exploiting a Swedish immigrant (to get his 8-track back) or to lead Otto to a more appropriate store. The narrator is a 7-year- old, guitar playing, Dorbee named Delta Dorbee, he has several scenes and also serves to introduce the re-occurring Dorbee named Flec.

Reasons for Hatred[]

Some reasons for hatred are:

  • Poor animation.
  • A 6 min short serving as filler.
  • The school is teaching misinformation on how to do math like algebra.
  • The school has deadly traps and locks down the whole school.
  • Random short filler featuring a fat guy surrounded by snack foods who changes the channel, who in each scene in which he is featured is shown to be more and more large and swollen.
  • Loud and obnoxious characters like Flec.
  • The fact that Flec is spelled two ways in the show as "Fleck" and "Flec"
  • German and Swedish stereotypes.
  • This is a rip-off of the famous long-running Christian computer-animated direct-to-video series VeggieTales with characters resembling Bob The Tomato (Delta), Larry The Cucumber (Flec), Junior Asparagus (Jack), Laura Carrot (Mary-Jane), Larry-Boy (Mr. Poe), and even Mr. Lunt (Yogul)


Benjy Gaither Creator/Director, Writer, Producer, Animator, Character Developer, Editor, Voice of Jack, Flec, Norm, Elvis, Jack's Dad, Camera Man, and the Crane Operator, and Instrumentalist.
Scott Harper Creator/Director, Writer, Animator, Set Designer, Technical Supervisor, and Editor.
Luke Renner Avid Video Editor.
Ty Smith Writer, Voice of Delta and Otto, and Instrumentalist.
Tyler Byrd Writer, Animator, Character Developer, Voice of "Cool Dude" Student, and Instrumentalist.
Barry Jennings Executive Producer and Instrumentalist.
Marshall Hall Writer, Animator, Set Designer, Voice of Mr. Poe, Yogul, Dr. Dairy, Dig, Walter Concrete Dorbee, Treat Dorbee, Mr. Waddlesworth, Narrator, Instrumentalist
Amy Gaither-Hayes Voice of Mary-Jane Dorbee/Mary-Jane, and Instrumentalist.
Lana Ranahan School Alarm Voice.
Tim Schoepf Instrumentalist.
Chad Evans Instrumentalist.
Jeff Wood Instrumentalist.
Jeff Aebi Instrumentalist.